Iron On Embroidered Patches

Iron on Embroidered Patches. Now available on our online store.

  1. Skywhale. This “little icon” is one of the true Canberran would appreciate. A Canberra icon. Patricia Piccinini, the artist was commissioned to create another companion – Skywhalepapa for the Skywhale recently. It will be launched in May 2020.
  2. Protea. One of my favourite flower of all even it’s not Australian flora.
  3. Canberra Bus Stop. Another Canberra icons. I have not seen anything like that (the bus stop shelter) around Australia until we relocated to Canberra.
  4. Iced Vovo. Typical Australian food snack. My kids love the icing on top. Makes a great afternoon tea companion.
  5. Koala with Protea. Australia iconic animal! Aren’t they the cutest? 🙂 Everyone loves and needs a bit of Koala in their lives! We extremely love and adore having them in down under.
  6. Bubble O’Bill.
    Do you know fact:
    * A brand of packaged ice cream currently in Australia and New Zealand.
    * Its name a pun on an Old West figure Buffalo Bill, the ice cream resembles a cowboy, distinctive for having a gun all in place of a nose.
    * There are 3 flavours of ice cream being used to form the details of a Bubble O’Bill ice cream. The strawberry 🍓 for the face, caramel lips and moustache details, and a chocolate hat, with a hole resembling a gunshot. The reserve of the ice cream is coated with a layer of milk chocolate. (Copy source from Wikipedia)
  7. Belconnen Owl. An owl sculpture in Belconnen intersection. It has a weird “alternative name”. A customer told me that apparently the Southside Canberra is having their own owl sculpture too? Anyone knows more about this?
  8. Fairy Bread. Sliced white bread spread with butter or margarine and covered with sprinkles or “hundreds and thousands”, served at children’s parties in Australia and New Zealand.